Thursday, October 11, 2012

A cup of lovely

Good afternoon, it's me again!
I want to introduce to you a blog I work on with one of my close friends, her name is Sydni and she's brilliant! We've known each other since second grade, and our blog partnership works perfectly since I handle the little details, like touching up photos and DIY's, while she dishes about recipes, makeup tutorials, and very helpful things - like how to walk professionally with heels on. Hahaha!

Our fashion+tutorials blog is called A cup of lovely...if you have good eyes, you might have noticed I also included a clickable picture on the left hand side control bar thingy. That has a link. :)

you can also click here to access

I need to do some more with the template, but it has some nice tutorials + articles, and I'm pretty sure Sydni has a post coming soon about cookies!


(11/17 update : I no longer update this blog, but you are welcome to visit and see what we did in the past)


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