Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photo by bedhead

These days I have been more and more immersed in graphic/computer art and it's been oh-so-much fun making cute little prints. 
It's also a tummy-tickling to make cute phrases stand out. My funky brain is filled with such little thoughts so often, who not utilize them? 

This morning I was thinking how nice it'd be to marry some quirky photographer who'd wake me up with a kiss on the cheek and a camera in my face. Hahaha I'm so vain, aren't i?

anyhow, i made this ocean pic i took a little bit grayer, added this sassy pink overlay border (adds such a nice dash of color) and tried dozens of fonts + sizes before deciding. It's not perfectly perfect but it'll have to do as I only have flowerly fonts. (i really need to go download some more versatile ones! any suggestions?)

Anyhow, I'm quite proud because this picture came from my own camera and the quote came from my own brain. ^.^ 



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