Friday, November 9, 2012

Plant photo lab

Afternoon, everybody!
Today I went for a walk and took some nice autumnal sunset shots! We have this weird fluffy plant in our hard and it looks absolutely gorgeous in the sun.

Thing is, I ran into a dilemma when editing! I have a slew of nice actions, but none of them really fit the photo. (besides, none of them were subtle enough for my taste) 

If you look at the order I uploaded the pictures, you'll see the first 2 big ones are the final product. I found some faux instagram actions for computers, if you will, haha, and they turned out really beautiful! Really, they only enhanced the sunny/shadow thing. :)

Now look at the 3 little ones. Those are my tries! I forget what actions I used, but..
Anyways, the first one is this purplish one I liked because it looks wintry, but it's not winter, is it?
The second one I just like. Actually, it's pretty much a version of the first one, a few tints lighter, maybe, but it's nice! 
The third one is waaaaay too pink, but looks very spring-y. Still not the look I was going for, though it look fabulous. 

If you want to compare these to the original, unedited photo :
Kind of ehh when you look at it when the finished ones, huh, hahaha?
Anyways, here's something else I want to add : the first two pictures are not the same. They're both of the same plant, but i didn't just flip it and call it two. They're different!

(i'm not sure why i was so adamant with myself to mention that haha)

Well..bye now! Enjoy!


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